3 Summer Fitness Events You Won't Want to Miss

August 28, 2019

3 Summer Fitness Events You Won't Want To Miss Socialize, Work Out, Travel and Explore: Simultaneously.Sweatin’ and jet-settin’ on your mind? Us too. That’s why we’ve compiled a handful of our favorite upcoming fitness events from the ever-so-addicting AirBnb experiences page. Grab a friend and before you know it, you’ll feel more toned faster than they can say “Bon Voyage!”Surf’s Up San Diego: Yoga on a Paddle Board Instruction, equipment, and breathtaking views are all included in this sunny seaborn adventure. Upon reaching a calm cove, your paddle boards are anchored down so you don’t have to worry about drifting too far away during your hour of Asana Yoga. Join host Lauren for stretching, sun salutations, and smiles, in sunny San Diego.Mexican Running Adventure: Two Hours of Running, Snacks and Drinks, and Sightseeing See Mexico City at a faster pace with your host Eva Verónica, who describes herself as an “ultra - marathoner and triathlete.” Eva has designed four custom routes of the city so you can take your pick of the sites you’ve been burning to see. As an added kick, you’ll have the chance to practice your spanish at the end of your run when you sit down with Eva for a post-workout juice or coffee.Can you already feel the endorphin rush? It could be the spectacular run you just crushed or the prospect of tacos al pastor, a famously filling Mexican dish, for lunch. Hint: tacos al pastor feature melt-in-your mouth pork and juicy pineapple! Read up here on what food you just can’t miss during an unforgettable adventure around Mexico.Whitewater Rafting and Brew: Ride the Waves in Portland, OregonGet your arms burning and your core engaged: the former from the rafting and the latter from laughing! If you’re new to white-water rafting, be warned: The thrill is addictive. Pro guide Chris has completed over 1000 rafting trips, and, at ease sailor, he’s got some serious safety certifications. Expect snacks, gear, and a stop at a local brewery at the end of the six mile trip down the rapids all included. You’ll need to buy your own beer. At only $85 per person, this adventure is a serious steal. Don’t forget sunscreen and intense hydration. You’ll feel this one tomorrow.

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