5 Unique NYC Gyms You Absolutely Have To Check Out

September 3, 2019

From literally sweating in a church, to rock climbing, here are 5 NYC gyms you need to see to believe:

1. Limelight Fitness

Limelight Fitness gives new meaning to the phrase, "sweating in church."

This church, turned nightclub, turned gym is reminiscent of something Stefon would recommend on SNL. It has everything, stained glass, chandeliers, impressive architecture and neon lighting. Oh, and a lot of nice fitness equipment.

2. Mercedes Club

If the name alone doesn’t evoke imagery of class and elegance, these images surely will: 

Two words: high end. The Mercedes Club is a state-of-the-art facility with tons of natural light, an indoor lap pool with a massive skylight, a resort-style rooftop pool, sauna, steam room, and over 75 classes weekly.

3. Asphalt Green 

For when you need some space.

It’s no secret that real estate in NYC is intense, to say the least. As a result, you don’t see many gyms with sprawling facilities. Asphalt Green is the exception. Both Battery Park and the Upper East Side Campus are massive, with huge lap pools, basketball courts, and even a soccer field. Check out either location when you’re craving wide open spaces. 

4. MetroRock Brooklyn

Because rock climbing is fun.

This rock climbing gym has plenty of routes to choose from, and offers both bouldering and rope walls. Get ready to get a great workout in without even realizing you’re working hard. Hit up MetroRock and take your workout to new heights, literally.

5. IG-Fit 

Aptly named, since you'll likely get some great Instagram pics while you're there.

The facility is brand new and very sleek, with a single streak of neon lighting around the entire perimeter. The mirrored walls and chic lighting make for the perfect place to strike a pose mid-workout.

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