Athleisure: For Work, Play, and Workouts

February 3, 2020

To say that we don't wear athleisure at the office is an understatement. All year long, our employees are lucky enough to enjoy comfortable office attire, perfect for after-work yoga, morning boxing, and mid-day deskercises. Since we all have different tastes and opinions, we polled everyone in the office to find out which retailers they rely on to stock up on shorts, leggings, workout tops, sports bras, and more.

Here is an all-encompassing guide to our team's favorite workout attire!

1. Set Active

These workout sets are so colorful and are a sure way of brightening up your daily workouts! Also, Emma Chamberlain and Claudia Sulewski sport these on the regular, and they have us giving them all the heart eyes!

2. Outdoor Voices

This is a given choice. OV's attire makes you feel good and want to get outside. Whether you're hitting the gym or only running errands around town, the brand's activewear is made from ultra-soft fabrics that offer support without feeling too constricting. Also, their newest addition of men's athleisure has allowed them to make some of the most comfortable yet fitting sweatpants.

3. Alala

There's a reason this brand is a favorite amongst both our office yoga fiends as well as celebrities. From seamless pieces to unique cutouts and technical leggings, Alala offers up chic designs that don't sacrifice comfort. You can also customize your own leggings, choosing everything from the panel colors down to a personalized monogram - perfect for those who like to change it up.

4. Rhone

Rhone is an office favorite, especially amongst our gym team. Its collection is expansive, affordable, and functional. Whether you need a T-shirt, pullover, pants, or shorts, Rhone has more than got you covered. While the garments themselves may not be the trendy-looking ones on the market, they're long-lasting and built for optimized performance.


This brand is also known as the Way Of Life Company. Have you ever gone to the gym and found that putting your phone in your pocket doesn't seem natural!? Well, the people at WOLACO found a solution. Yep, that's right, compression shorts with built-in, sweat-proof pockets. Say goodbye to jingly keys and damp cash and hello to a short that keeps it all together.

6. LuLuLemon

Well, this is a given… Do we even need to explain?

7. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is a cult-favorite brand. Their clothing is not limited to yoga! It is perfect for any activity on air, land, and in the ocean (hence the name, alo). Alo Yoga has ultra-comfy leggings and sports bras. These pieces of clothing create a look that is not only comfortable but fashion-forward. Alo will make you want to get up to hit the gym in the early morning because of their extensive outerwear options.

8. Hill City

The mission behind Hill City is, "Men's clothes that get you through all the activities of your day without having to change clothes." Hill City is a brand derived from the creators and founders of Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. Hill City promises to offer a mix of stylish high-performance wear for men. The clothing is not just sweatpants and dry-fit tees. The clothing ranges from water-repellant chinos to insulated puffer jackets. It is unlike anything consumers have seen from the company before.

9. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is known for their bum-sculpting leggings. The London-based brand has mastered the art of lifting and sculpting leggings that flatter any figure. You'll want to wear these leggings well beyond your workout!

10. Gymshark

Though activewear is one of the most popular areas of fashion, it feels like there are only two options. On the one hand, there's performance gear — the clothes typically made with professional athletes and high-intensity workouts in mind. And on the other is athleisure, which entails chic and comfortable staples you might find yourself in while lounging or running errands rather than spending time at the gym. However, if there's one brand that seems to nail the perfect balance between the two, it's Gymshark. The sportswear brand is known for its sleek pieces that'll still get you through the toughest workouts, making it a favorite among fitness enthusiasts.

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