Here's The Answer To Getting Out of Your Gym Rut: Fit-Fluencers.

September 3, 2019

Let's be real. Going to the gym can sometimes become a repetitive process. You often walk in with the mentality that you're going to destroy some new weight machines, and then you end up doing the same routine. Hey, at least you got yourself to the gym, and sometimes that's all we can ask. Here's how you can switch up your workouts and get back on your gym grind.

One word: Instagram fitness-influencers. Yeah, the word 'influencer' sounds scary, but what if we told you that fitness-influencers have been sharing their go-to workouts on Instagram for years? 

Can you believe it? Because we can!

Here are some of our favorites:


Louisa posts daily videos featuring her perfectly curated workouts toning up a different body part every day. Each post includes several videos sharing how to perform the exercise and what equipment, if any, is needed. At first glance, the exercises don't seem too complicated, but they leave you sore and wanting more. 

Check out this workout here.


The Mr. and Mrs. Muscle Instagram account is known to its followers as the HIIT Workout Library, and that's precisely what it is. Their videos include exercises fit for females and males as well as those who are just beginning their fitness journey. 

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Following Kaitlin on Instagram is like having a personal trainer from the convenience of your mobile phone. Like Louisa, she posts videos showing a plethora of different exercises ranging from HIIT to strength and flexibility. Something to note about Kaitlin is her relatability - showing that not everything posted on Instagram is a reality. 

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At first glance, you might mistake this guy for your local gym trainer, but Julian is a consistent and great resource for those who are undertaking their journey in weight lifting. He shows his followers how to use the machines correctly when wanting to bulk up as well as being an inspiration for the health and fitness community. 

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Gabrielle is the perfect bridge for people who like to utilize the free-weights, barbells, and machines provided at the gym. Unlike Louisa and Kaitlin who have a more HIIT approach to working out, Gabrielle shows how to build-up while retaining her feminine shape.

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