10 Vintage Celebrity Workout Videos To Try While You’re Stuck Inside

March 30, 2020

So, you’re already bored with your home workout routine? We get it.

That’s why we compiled a list of ten essential celebrity workout videos to inspire you to get up
and get moving. Grab your leg warmers and a sweatband. You’ll burn extra calories while you’re

1. CherFitness: A New Attitude (1991)

This hour and a half long video is broken into three segments: Step Class (beginning at 3:07),
Abs & Back (at 42:51), and Hips, Buns & Thighs (at 53:44).

You might have to get creative and build a makeshift step if you want to follow the intermediate
or advanced levels of the Step Class, but a few old textbooks stacked together should do the
trick. Alternatively, you can practice a more low-impact workout without using a step at all if that
suits your mood and/or fitness level. Cher is for everybody!

Even if you don’t enjoy the workouts, you’re sure to enjoy Cher’s outfits.

BONUS: We also unearthed Cher’s Hot Dance routine for your viewing pleasure.

If you opt for the Hot Dance routine, don’t worry if you don’t get all the moves down right away.
Even though Cher confesses that she “likes to use her body” and thinks she’s “naturally good at
her body,” don’t be discouraged if you’re not like Cher! This class is one that is fun for anyone to
do, over and over. In fact, when it ends, you might even wish you could turn back time?

2. Walk It Off With George Foreman (2004)

Sometimes it feels like 2004 wasn’t so long ago, but then you see something like this. This
particular video is called “Walk and Box,” which George describes as, “a mix of walking and
something I know a little bit about—boxing!” The combination is epic, guaranteed to make you
smile, and solidifies George Foreman’s place as America’s most underrated treasure. And
remember, just like George says, “You’re in your home. No one is judging, no one is comparing,
and you’re the champ at home today. You’re looking good!”

3. Dance! Workout With Barbie (1992)

Not to be outdone as the ultimate career-woman, even Barbie capitalized on the celebrity
workout tape trend. Prepare yourself for brief interludes of a stop-motion animated Barbie
getting her sweat on. Oh, and a young Jennifer Love Hewitt is in this video, too.

4. Jane Fonda’s Workout With Jane Fonda (1982)

This list would simply be incomplete if we didn’t include the reigning queen of aerobics, living
legend Jane Fonda. Honestly, this video is pretty challenging. There’s a reason she set the
standard for home aerobics tapes. We’re all just trying to keep up.

5. Paula Abdul’s Get Up & Dance! (1994)

Paula promises you’ll be able to follow along, “even if you think you have two left feet.”

6. Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies: Vol. 2 (1990)

“An aerobic concert with Richard Simmons.” An instant classic.

7. Do It Debbie’s Way Starring Debbie Reynolds (1983)

Debbie went out and bought all the other tapes and found that she really couldn’t keep up with
them, or maybe she just didn’t want to. Either way, Debbie is doing it her way and now you can
do it with her. The massive pink curtain and crystal chandelier are optional.

8. Regis Philbin: My Personal Workout (1993)

The actual workout starts at 17:46. You need to be OK with looking at Regis Philbin in a skimpy
tank top for thirty minutes in order to do this one.

9. The Marky Mark Workout: Form, Focus, Fitness (1993)

Admittedly, Mark Whalberg’s video requires a lot of equipment and is not ideal for a home
workout. We just thought you should know about it.

10. Angela Lansbury’s Positive Moves (1988)

Think of this video as your cool down, or your warm-up, depending on the kind of day you’re
having. She gets moving at 6:05, but don’t skip the intro if you’re in the market for some life
advice. Be like Angela, and “live each moment with a sense of peace, harmony, and calm.”

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