How To Choose A New Gym That You'll Actually Go To

September 3, 2019

Whether you just moved to a new neighborhood or you're making a lifestyle change, the gym you choose to frequent is an important decision. Don't sign up for something you'll never use! Here are some key factors to keep in mind on your path toward gym discovery:

Identify what you want out of your gym experience.

Set some goals! Are you looking for a community? A way to meet new people? Or, do you prefer to work out in solitude? Do you want to make a drastic physical change, or do you want to maintain what you're already working with? These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself. Pinning down what you want is the first step toward picking the gym that's right for you.

Embrace a little online creeping.

The internet is designed for conducting a little harmless unofficial background check. Treat a new gym the same way you would a new restaurant (or, you know, a new date...). Don't be afraid to poke around. Check out the gym's social media pages, Google reviews, and images online. Rule out what's not for you before you even leave the couch.

Be honest with yourself.

Don't pick a gym that is an hour away from home... unless it's right next to the office. The more effort it takes to get to the gym, the less likely you are to go. Make it easy on yourself and choose a gym with a location that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Try it on for size.

Similar to a pair of tight pants, you won't know for sure that a new gym is a good fit until you try it. Give new gyms a test run, and don't be afraid to try more than one.

Ask questions.

When you arrive, ask the front desk for a tour of the facilities. Their job is to help you! You might discover something exciting that you would never stumble upon otherwise.

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