Lunch On The Go

February 24, 2020

Most days, I find myself counting down the seconds until it is socially acceptable for lunch time. There’s just something about taking a break from sitting at my desk to enjoy a meal with my co-workers. However, I’ve found that most of my lunches come at an annoying price. Yeah, we’re talking around $15 for a salad. Although the salads are filling, my bank account is never left feeling full.

My problem is definitely getting up off the couch after a long weekend to meal prep for the upcoming week. However, this past week I’ve tried some easy-to-make lunches that are suitable for any cooking skill-level. Here are some of the recipes that will have you feeling energized and filled till dinner!

1. Slow-Cooker Burrito Bowls:

These bowls can have you covered for the whole week, and you won’t get tired of them because they’re SO GOOD. These burrito bowls will have you questioning why you went to Chipotle 3 days a week instead of whipping these up in your kitchen!

Here’s the Recipe:

2. Zoodle Stir-Fry:

We love oodles of zoodles! They have the taste and texture of noodles but all the benefits of a zucchini. It’s a win-win situation and who wouldn’t want that!? Say goodbye to mid-day takeout and hello to the perfect office stir-fry.

Here’s the recipe:

3. Chicken Shawarma & Lemon Tahini:

Sometimes, the best comfort food comes from the easiest recipes in the world, and that is, a yummy plate of chicken shawarma. Here is a great DIY lunch alternative for the CAVA fanatics!

Here’s the recipe:

4. Paleo Italian Subs:

Whoever said an Italian sub was a recipe for a health fanatic, obviously hasn’t tried this twist. Yeah, we’re recommending Italian subs for any day of the week. Try this meal for a surprise for your work day!

Here’s the recipe:

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